Dating Rule : How To Get What You Want With Your Loved One

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Here’s a technique i blogged about 2 months ago on Loveawake dating site, but now that i have a much bigger audience (yay icon biggrin Dating Rule #35 : How To Get What You Want With Your Loved One ), i shall highlight to you all how you can use a certain technique to get your way with your loved one or your date most of the time, whether picking a movie to watch or going to a restaurant you prefer.


Perhaps at one point of time you had a similar argument with your loved one or with your date. Well, today, my loyal readers, i’m going to share with you a secret that would solve that dilemma, or rather, win you that debate without losing t.v. rights for the next few days to your loved one. What is it you may ask? Well, it’s a simple way of rephrasing your question which has monumental impacts on it’s effects.

Either, Or

Huh? I don’t get it.

Don’t worry, let me explain it to you, the way the “Either, Or” tactic works is that it narrows down the choices your loved one has to just two choices, both of which would be in your favor, if you choose them rightly. This eliminates the other 1 million movie choices they have whether it’s Die Hard or Marley and Me to just two choices, which both you wouldn’t mind going to.

Example, eg. , i.e.

For example, instead of asking,”What movie would you like to watch?” and giving your loved one a chance to reply something you wouldn’t want to watch, you could alter the sentence to “Would you like to catch either Transformers or Terminator?”. This would hugely tilt the chances in watching either show to your favor. Let me remind you, this wouldn’t work 100% of the time, but it definitely increases your chances hugely when used.

This tactic can be used in a whole host of other scenarios, from choosing the restaurant of your choice to letting you either catch the afternoon football show of the evening one (contrary to not watching anything at all, we guys would grab at anything yeah?). So, use wisely and tell me the good news! (Or the bad news of course) Cheers!

How Can One Hand Gesture Land You A Date?

There’s a simple hand gesture that can land you a date (no, not the one above), or even win you a quarrel with your loved one. Extremely effective and operates under the human subconscious so they’ll never ever know what hit them. What is this wonderful hand gesture, you ask? Well, it’s simple (:

No, Not Strangulation (No doubt that would definitely help you win a quarrel).

I call this the left to right rule. If you noticed, most of the things we do are from left to right, reading is from left to right, writing is from left to right and you start from flipping from the left of the book to it’s right. With this idea that left to right feels correct in our life because we are so exposed to it and accustomed to it, we can use this hugely to our advantage. Research too, has proven, that there are countless number of ways to exploit this built-in behavioral acceptances.

How Now Brown Cow?

Simple make hand gestures that appear left to right to the person you’re talking to. For example, if you’re facing someone, making hand gestures from right to left would seem like it’s left to right for him. With your hands constantly doing this (don’t overdo it though!), it greatly increases your chances in the person you’re talking to to accept your approaches, whether for a date or you pleading your innocence in a quarrel.

So start practicing making hand gestures that appears left to right to the person you’re talkin to. Remember the famous saying by Ghandi, practice makes perfect and perfection gets you a date. (:

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